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Terms of Reference

The Legal Compliance Association is a service line within the Wilmington plc group of companies but has a separate advisory Board (See About The Board). Wilmington plc has  a decade of experience in producing law firm compliance conferences and publications, delivering thought leadership in the market.  International Compliance Training is also a member company of Wilmington plc.

The LCA’s unique position within Wilmington plc enables us to offer you a balanced mix of compliance content and information along with cross-sector insight.

The LCA does not provide legal advice to its members but acts as a facilitator, connecting members to other members and experts who can help with compliance issues and with locating relevant information.


Code of Conduct

The LCA seeks to promote good compliance conduct and therefore there are a number of rules which we ask our members to adhere to:

Members of the Legal Compliance Association should abide by the following:

  • Members of the LCA shall conduct business utilising the highest levels of integrity, diligence and professionalism.
  • Members of the LCA shall seek to protect the legal profession from exposure to the proceeds of crime by avoiding involvement in arrangements concerning property derived from crime or property which may be used to fund crime including acts of terrorism.
  • Members of the LCA shall at all times maintain a high level of awareness of the regulatory compliance requirements in force in the jurisdictions in which they work and strive towards full compliance therewith
  • Members of the LCA shall wherever possible and without unduly compromising the duty of confidentiality owed to clients, co-operate with domestic and international regulatory and enforcement bodies
  • Members of the LCA shall work towards enhancing the level of competence and the depth of knowledge of compliance and anti-money laundering professionals globally